There is a beautiful, massive shift in feminine consciousness happening RIGHT NOW, and within THIS GODDESS TEMPLE, you can create an ELECTRIFYING IMPACT in your life and within all of humanity

What Is The Goddess Temple?

A gorgeous monthly membership & SISTERHOOD group with LIVE coaching & beautiful resources to support you to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE.

Are you looking for more MEANING in your life and to live with MORE PASSION & PURPOSE?

Receive powerful LIVE COACHING & MENTORSHIP every week

Experience MOMENTUM by taking guided action


ORGANIZE your life by following a library of guided worksheets 

FEEL everyday like you are SUPPORTED, and NOT alone

Receive SUPPORT from a community of other Goddesses

Ongoing Support & Coaching

Weekly group  LIVESTREAM to review your goals, your calendar, plan your week & share commitments.









What's Included?

Take a sneak peek at all the Godessey goodness in this Membership Program.

Every week, we'll all meet LIVE online to review goals, plan & make commitments. 

A resource library of worksheets, guides, templates and checklists.

Every month we read an engaging new consciousness expanding book & we review LIVE for breakthroughs. 

Beauuutiful video library for spirituality, productivity & motivation.

Soul-speaking music for creativity and guided meditations.  

Successful Industry Goddess interviewed LIVE online with Q&A.

In today's world as more and more women rise and become empowered....

to share our gifts and speak our truth, we find unity and unconditional support in a SISTERHOOD.  






Look Inside The Goddess Temple

Why I Created This Sanctuary........ The Goddess Temple

I believe we each have a role & responsibility in raising the collective consciousness.....but it first starts with expanding OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.
The world needs more feminine energy NOW!
I'm guided in my role supporting other Goddesses with my beautifully powerful tools, systems, live coaching & sisterhood collaborations, so that everyone can take INSPIRED-MAD-LOVE action to bring THEIR passions, gifts & dreams to the world.

Judy Machado-Duque








You don't have to feel stuck & overwhelmed anymore!

"I had just left the corporate world to go full time in my business when I started working with Judy. I needed to get productive & create results fast. She shared with me her secret sauce to maintaining consistency, avoiding overwhelm and unleashing the Productive Goddess within (with ease and flow). I've now launched my first successful Online Digital Course, Gained my first 3 reoccurring clients and have managed to bust out of my shy girl shell & kick butt in my life & business overall. I've also begun writing the chapters to my first book! Her coaching techniques can't be compared to anything I've ever seen. "

Shauna Sincerely
Brand Strategist & Body Coach

"Within 3 months of working with Judy's productivity system, I was able to get into a healthier emotional state and I was able to fast track by applying for & receiving a $28,000 grant which I used to upgrade my education & to conduct business activities! "

Monica Black
Colon Hydrotherapy Clinical Expert

"In working with Judy, I've been able to take real action on my priorities. It's now so important for me to have a holistic coach. Someone who knows my passions and can hold me accountable to next steps. I'm so grateful as I build my personal brand one baby step at a time!" "

Sonia Rebelo
Intuitive Healer & Coach

"I'm a Mom"prenueur, "Solo"preneur AND "Intro"preneur. The Temple is a place I can go to (without leaving the comforts of home) and be around fantastic women all on the same mission: to better themselves and their business. I don't feel so isolated anymore and instead, I feel part of a loving community of inspiring and motivating support! It's an incredible feeling!"

Theresa Mcneilly
Graphic Designer

Pricing Options

Regular Price for this Membership Program is $197. Discounted pricing is below...

MONTHLY Member Price

97.00 ($197 reg)


FREE 7 Day Trial!

ANNUAL Member Price

$797 ($66.42/mo)


FREE 7 Day Trial!

No contracts. You may cancel at any time

Please note, there are limited number of FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE spots available for those who need it right now. Please email Judy at [email protected] to inquire. 💐

Finally a membership program with aligned feminine resources & LIVE support

Why Join The Goddess Temple?

  1. 90% of our daily thoughts and actions are simply a repeat of the day before, creating a perpetual cycle and blueprint. The Goddess Temple is the outside support to help you to break free from those unconscious patterns running your life. 
  2. Listening to others sharing their challenges, their celebrations, their desires creates a strong Self Belief to move you forward in life
  3. It takes INNER WORK to shift into a life of transformation. Expect exercises every week to connect deep into your SOUL. 
  4. Your life can only become more meaningful with expanded consciousness and shifting into higher vibrations. Our work in The Goddess Temple keeps you in gratitude and expanded thinking. 
  5. Community is critical in following through with any new goal, practice,  "challenge" or spiritual growth for real transformation.

Meet Judy!

Fascinated all these years by the effects of her focus on her goals, Judy decided to share & publish her very own holistic planner: Life Purpose Playbook.

She spent over a decade as a thriving entrepreneur, building multiple businesses.
Most recent: a multi-million dollar global home fragrance company, along with two other partners.

She became inspired by how she can support & serve others on a larger scale, so she created The Goddess Temple: a platform to equip women with powerful courses, coaching & systems to inspire them to take mad-love action on their passions & dreams.



You are the GODDESS of the TEMPLE within your SOUL

The Goddess Temple will help you to CONNECT TO YOUR INNER SELF and take INSPIRED ACTION on your TRUE SOUL CALLING.

We Are The Godesses Rising

Transforming Ourselves While Transforming The World








How Your Investment Will Help The World

Judy is donating 5% of each sale to Mercy For Animals, because they have truly captured her heart 💖

Spiritual Development

This platform was created for transformation of your Self through INNER WORK.


How is the content delivered? 

There are weekly group LIVESTREAMS every week, and these are also recorded. There is a database of videos, meditations, music and worksheets all avail exclusively and 24/7. 

How much time will it take to be part of The Goddess Temple? 

There is one LIVE 75 minute group call every week to celebrate, share experiences, get coached and mentored and set a trial for the week ahead. There  are also worksheets & systems available for download are there to create efficiency systems for you. You can work on those at your own pace. The Temple is there to support you in your consist evolving journey, and that includes the live weekly call. Judy is focused on helping you to create empowering habits and start using the worksheets & strategies as her top priority, which is why she's gone to great lengths to design the Sunday Live Calls which are PURE MAGIC, to help you get great results.

Can I join anytime?

Yes the enrolment can happen at any time. The current listed price is only guaranteed now, and may increase at any time. 

How does the payment plan work?

Your credit card will be charged every month on the same day, for this ongoing support, unless you cancel your subscription. 

What if I want to cancel my subscription? 

There are no obligations, no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You simply cancel in your back office with your login or by sending an email to us. 

Do I need to be an Entrepreneur to join The Goddess Temple?

This program will support you whether you are an Entrepreneur or not.  If you're on a spiritual journey, the TEMLE is for you. 

What if I have more questions?

Contact us here and our team will respond right away! 

Can guys join The Goddess Temple? 

The Goddess Temple was created to inspire the feminine energy to RISE. If you're a guy & you connect with & embrace your feminine energy, then yes of course, you can join us Goddesses! 


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