The Goddess Temple Soul Sisters Mastermind Circles

Experience the GUIDED MYSTICAL POWERS that support those WHO COME TOGETHER with open-hearts and like-minds and one common intention

Creating Sisterhood in business

The Divine Feminine is calling us all to gather in groups to support each other. To Inspire, to hold space and to co-create a beautiful world governed by unity, collaboration, abundance and love. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

3 Types Of Mastermind Circles:

See below the 3 types of Soul Sisters Masterminds created by THE GODDESS TEMPLE, to support you in building your business and making a bigger impact

The Goddess Temple Brunch Mastermind

Reward yourself

Share your progress 

Experience breakthrough trainings and toolkits

Gorgeous location

Do all of your strategic planning in luxury! Located downtown Toronto, this boutique restaurant will remind you that YOU ARE a Goddess and you deserve to attract only the best.

Delicious Meal

Enjoy a specialty coffee or tea and a delicious, healthy, plant based and gluten free meal.

Mouthwatering Dessert

The enormous selection of delicacies are gluten free, plant based and so delicious. Your biggest decision all day will be which one to choose! 

What to Expect?

  • Gather monthly in this gorgeous and feminine setting to become present to success and freedom 
  • Enjoy a delicious plant based meal to encourage your commitment to health
  • Express your updates and intentions and receive guidance from all of your soul sisters, to support you in your vision
  • Experience breakthrough tools and techniques to support you in your business growth
  • Enjoy the feeling of support and guidance as you build your business and share your successes with your Mastermind Soul Sisters. 

The Goddess Temple Spa Mastermind

Practice self love

Experience transformational support

Accelerate your progress

Impact more lives

Welcome Mimosa

Begin your Mastermind enjoying a refreshing and deserving Mimosa, with your Soul Sisters.

Mandatory robe!

Feel pampered throughout this entire session, to remind you to live AND rest like a Goddess. 

Personalized Binder

Receive a gorgeous personalized binder to keep all your strategic planning notes and updates. Each session, you'll bring your binder to share updates and add new breakthrough tools. 

Women's Oasis

Enjoy this Goddessy, exclusive women's oasis nestled in downtown Toronto. 

Poolside Planning

Do all your strategic planning in a spa setting to feel good, ignite your creativity and set powerful new intentions.

Relaxing Massage

Lay back and relax as you experience the pleasure of a full body massage. You deserve every minute of this nurturing therapy. 

What to Expect??

  • Experience your creativity flowing, your energy rising and your business growing as you take time monthly to strategically plan your business in this luxurious setting
  • Spend the day in a robe, nurture your body with a massage and enjoy your soul sisters all sharing, advising, celebrating and collaborating to support you in building your business to the next level. 
  • Receive a gorgeous personalized binder with all your tools and notes to support you in your Soul Sisters Mastermind Journey to serving more people and impacting more lives. 

The Goddess Temple Manifest-Your-Life BOOK Mastermind

Experience an immersion weekend away in paradise as we mastermind one of the most powerful books on manifestation

Breathtaking Location

Just under 2 hours from Toronto, on Lake Erie, and a 2 minute walk from the gorgeous beach! 

Luxurious Cottage

Absolutely luxurious. Accommodations include beautiful private rooms, shared rooms and an adorable bunkie with bunk beds. 

All Meals Included

Enjoy healthy plant based meals each day, all made with love and served for you to nourish your body and mind as you enjoy your immersion weekend.

What To Expect?

  • Get away from the City, on July 20-22, and into nature for this weekend retreat to nurture your soul and feed your mind
  • Experience IMMERSION (spending days straight on one subject), the most effective way to learn and to comprehend at a cellular level, for transformational change
  • Sit back with your book and your journal while we mastermind chapter by chapter to create clarity and cellular understanding of the manifestation process
  • Enjoy healthy, delicious plant based meals to keep your mind sharp and support you in your health journey
  • Experience the magnificent breakthrough in finally understanding the Universal Laws and how to create abundance and flow in your life 

Meet Your Soul Sister Mastermind Host:

Judy Machado-Duque

Serial Entreprenuer and business owner, Judy spent much of her adult life building global, successful businesses. Her unique abilities include creative business building, strategic planning and vision clarifying. Her passion is to support women to live a happy and purposeful life through collaborations! 

Pricing Options

Click below which of the Soul Sisters Mastermind programs you prefer. That button will lead you to an application to ensure that all Soul Sisters are committed, collaborative and like-minded. All 3 Masterminds take place in Toronto, Canada (scroll down below for ONLINE MASTERMIND).

Brunch Mastermind



Regular $297

One time fee of $591 ($197/month) or 3 payments of $225

2 hour Mastermind

3 month program 

Luxurious restaurant

Full breakfast

Beautiful folder with printed strategic planning tools inside

1 week free trial in The Goddess Temple Online

Sharing, collaborating & planning your next month

Coaching & mentorship

I want to apply!

Spa Mastermind



Regular $597

One time fee of $1,191 ($397/month) or 3 payments of $447

4-5 Hour Mastermind 

3 month program

Welcome Mimosa

RMT full body massage

Access to all facilities including pool, hot tub, infrared sauna & steam room

Personalized binder with printed strategic planning worksheets inside

Unlimited coffee and selection of teas

Veggie platter for snacks

1 week free trial in The Goddess Temple Online

Sharing, collaborating & planning your next month

Coaching & mentorship

I want to apply!

Weekend Mastermind Retreat



Regular $597-$997

Pricing based on room accommodations (bunk bed or private room)

Accommodations & all meals

Copy of Mastermind Book & Journal

Beach walk, fire pit sharing and nature surroundings

Listening to audio and masterminding each chapter

Guidance in creating your dream life vision to take-away and INTEND into your day-to-day life 

1 week free trial in The Goddess Temple Online

 Coaching & mentorship

I want to apply!

What if you don't live in Toronto?

Click below to join us in our ONLINE Mastermind called THE GODDESS TEMPLE ONLINE

Application Process

If you're interested to join us in any of these Soul Sisters Mastermind Journeys, please share with us some information through our application process (click any button above). The mystical powers that come through to support us in Masterminds are only effective if we're all open-minded, supportive, future based and in spirit to serve each other and the greater good of humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a magical, mystical power that supports us when two or more hearts come together to co-create one common goal. This mystical power supports those who are open to feedback, open to support, open to possibility, forgiving of self and others, living in a spirit of serving, having a positive mindset and giving unconditionally. If anyone in the group has yet to become aware of these practices, and were to join the group, the energy would shift and this mystical power would not become available to the group.  

The commitment for each Soul Sister Mastermind is 3 months. Once you commit, you are committing to your Soul Sisters and supporting their journey as well as yours. 

All 3 Soul Sister Mastermind Circles are available as a one-time payment  or through a payment plan. Once your application is approved, you'll be sent the details to register and officially join us in this magical journey to bringing our creations to the world in an impactful, meaningful and transformational way! 

If you would like to participate, please share your comments through the application process above. The Brunch and Retreat Masterminds are also available to men who are in a place of understanding the beautiful dance that'd taking place with the divine masculine and the divine feminine balance. 

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