90 Day Business Transformation

Get MORE sales, become MORE productive & start impacting MORE people! 

Why Do You Need A 90 Day Sales Plan???

90 Day Plans create a healthy sense of urgency because 90 days is "just around the corner!" Whereas 1 year plans encourage procrastination & limits performance because "there is so much time to get it all done!"

  • A 90 Day Sales Plan will keep you focused on JUST A FEW BIG projects that will create immediate progress and accomplishments and these drive success and fulfillment.
  • You'll more than likely do MORE IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS then you did in the last 12 months! 
  • Every 90 days you get a fresh start!
  • You’ll learn the transformational skill of being great at a FEW things and not mediocre of many.
  • A 90 day timeline is more predictable than the traditional 1 year planning.

You're only ONE 90 DAY PLAN away from CLARITY, MOMENTUM and RESULTS

The 90 Day Boss Babe Planner

A gorgeous, feel-good business planner for the boss babe who understands energy & vibration & wants to accomplish BIG GOALS in the next 90 days.


Male version:

The 90 Day Business Plan Toolkit

The exact same 90 day business planner, just without the pink accents! 


Introducing The 90 Day Sales & Performance Plan

Get ready to absolutely TRANSFORM your life and business as you apply this proven Productivity Goddess 90 DAY Planning System and techniques. 

In this online course, you will:

  • Learn to create clarity and focus on THE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST
  • Become motivated by a healthy sense of urgency that is subconsciously created by this 90 day timeline (vs the typical 1 year timeline/plans)
  • Take back control of your days
  • Organize your ideas, projects & goals and take action more effectively
  • Grow your income, life balance, fulfillment & contribution
  • Incorporate into your life THE HOLISTIC HUSTLE METHOD for mind body spirit balance for true fulfillment
  • Reduce stress
  • Create a BREAKTHROUGH and new mindset consistent with your actions
  • Make things happen regularly and create more impactful accomplishments, faster than ever before
  • Make a difference and live a life of significance
  • Perform at your best and live the fulfilling life you’re truly capable of
  • Make significant progress in a short period of time

The 90 Day Sales Planner

13 pages to help you get clear on your life goals, your 90 day priorities and to track for continued progress and success!

What's Included??

  1. VISION: 4 exercises to get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your BIG VISION as well as your 90 DAY VISION. 
  2. GOALS: 2 exercises to create clarity & commitments on all your 90 days goals
  3. ACTION PLAN: an exercise to help you to commit to TWO BIG PROJECTS this quarter, and to create a timeline. 
  4. HABIT TRACKER: you'll commit to one empowering habit and you'll let go of one that is no longer serving you. 
  5. WEEKLY PLAN: you'll use a weekly planner to support you in staying committed and taking action daily
  6. TRACKING: tracking charts to support your commitment and progress
  7. HOLISTIC HUSTLE: you'll learn a time system to work efficiently  

5% of profits donated to MERCY FOR ANIMALS

Why is TRACKING so important???

Measuring your progress, on the TRACKING SYSTEMS included in this course, will support & transform you in the following ways:

  • Tracking your progress builds confidence and it creates even more focus on the goal: and whatever we focus on grows!
  • Measuring and tracking provides feedback so we can make changes along the way.
  • Tracking creates excitement and clarity on our progress.
  • Tracking supports you in getting better and better every day.

Pricing Options

Choose the level of support & accountability you would like in creating and taking action on your 90 Day Business Plan.

The 90 Day Revenue Maximizing Self Study Program


Regular $297

5 Lessons Online Course 

Downloadable Workbook & Action Plan

7 Day Trial in The Goddess Temple

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The 90 Day Revenue Maximizing Group Coaching & Mastermind Program


Regular $997

3 Month Group Coaching Program


$2,597 if paid in full (save $400)

Includes The 90 Day Revenue Maximizing Self Study Program

Group Coaching Calls Weekly: 1.5 hours each

Weekly LIVE Training on each call + hot seat coaching 

Downloadable Workbook & Action Plan

14 Day Trial in The Goddess Temple

15 Day Money Back Guarantee



The 90 Day Business Transformation 1on1 Coaching Program


Regular $1,797

3 Month Coaching Program


$4,797 if paid in full (save $600)

Includes everything in The 90 Day Revenue Maximizing Coaching & Mastermind Program

Group Coaching Calls Weekly: 1.5 hours each

1on1 Coaching Calls Every Other Week 45mins each

5 Mini Courses/Masterclasses 

Life Purpose Playbook delivered to your home

The 90 Day Business Plan delivered to your home

Kolbe Profile 

The 90 Day Revenue Maximizing Self Study Program 

30 Day Trial in The Goddess Temple

15 Day Money Back Guarantee



Additional Mini Courses/Masterclasses

Included in the GROUP MASTERMIND & the 1on1 Business Coaching Programs listed above:

These are transformational, ONLINE mini courses on each of the topics below:

1. The Ultimate Revenue Maximizer System

2. Understanding The Affiliate Partnership Model

3. How To Grow Your List With Instagram For Free

4. The STAND FOR A CAUSE Formula

5. The Perfect Tagline Formula

6. And many more!

These trainings and Masterclasses will be shared one at a time, during EACH WEEKLY COACHING CALL. 


What magic will YOU create with YOUR 90 days????


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