Creating a life that MATTERS through sisterhood, support & collaborations





The Divine Feminine is calling us all to gather in groups, in support of each other

To inspire, to hold space and to co-create a beautiful world governed by unity, abundance and love

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Become a Productivity Goddess!!!

An Online Membership, Sisterhood & Support Sanctuary For The Awakened Goddess


The Goddess Temple Support Pillars

These 3 pillars support today's Awakened Goddess who's passionate about creating more fulfillment in her life by creating more positive impact in the world.

Support Pillars Overview:

  1. PILLAR #1: The Goddess Calling. Each of us has a soul purpose that is ALREADY inside of us. Once we get clear on what that is and begin to spend our days helping, supporting & inspiring others with this purpose, our days become more fulfilled and enlightened. 
  2. PILLAR #2: Namaslay. Once we change our daily habits to include honHERing ourselves, we fill our cup and have more love and energy for our family & our purpose and mission. There is a dance to be experienced within The Holistic Hustle.
  3. PILLAR #3: Blissipline. In order to attract what we desire, we must first act as though we already have it and vibrate at that level. Blissipline is the art of loving your life RIGHT NOW while you work towards your bigger future. 


Productivity Goddess was created to help support the Awakened Goddess to live all 3 Pillars with passion, energy, support and inspired action.  








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Meet Judy Machado-Duque

Judy's passion is to help women to take inspired MAD-LOVE-ACTION on their dreams. Her productivity tools, techniques & systems will help you to move forward everyday and become blissfully happy!


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A productivity planner which includes exercises to help you to get clear on your passions, your goals, your priorities. This 6 month, UNDATED planner was designed with a Weekly Check-In to support you to focus & create the impact you are so dreaming of!

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Download this FREE exercise to live like a GODDESS

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This is just one of the many exercises we will share with you as you join our online community. Judy LOVES to create tools which inspire click below to get in on our holistic productivity giveaways!